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R U OK Day?


R U OK Day?

Liverpool ED is participating in the conversation

LivED Wellness Day


one year anniversary celebration

whole day of activities in store for ED staff

from mindful activities, fitness, food, staff well-being sessions, and fun night

LivED Wellness Dog Playdate 2022

LivED Wellness Week 2022

participating in the ACEM Wellness Week 2022

LivED Wellness featured on the ACEM article"Your ED"

Liverpool ED Photography Contest

Open to all active Liverpool ED Staff who are interested in photography, and showcase their love of nature in a landscape photo contest... 

Photography contest prize

PreVent Sessions 

by the SWSLHD Staff Well-being and Support Service, building awareness and coping strategies, reducing psychological risk

For more information on the Prevent Sessions,

go to the Staff Well-being and Support services page, and access using the password 

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