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Ideas for Future Wellness Sessions

These are the ideas considered so far and we welcome more innovative and fun suggestions for the weekly sessions

Please keep it coming, email to us or have a chat with us on the floor and we can look into it.

We are looking for LivED Wellness session champions to run an individual session

Suggested sessions

The list so far... will be considered and finalised once logistics are known.. watch this space


This will  be fun and good  cardio, by certified Zumba instructor

Live Music Jam

Talented ED staff performing live music 

Cake Baking

Don't you just love cakes? Cathy M can show you it's done


Loads of fun and will test your acting and pantomime skills..

Dog and Pet Lovers

For the dog and pet lovers out there, share and introduce them to us

Painting Class with wine

Be an artist and let it come out and be disinhibited and creative

Laughing Yoga

This is a first... hahaha, hehehe and roll on the floor laughing... can you imagine?

ED Bake off

For the lovers of food and pastry, how do we determine who wins?


St Patrick's Day is still not until next year but our Irish ED staff will keep us entertained with stories, music and beers?

Dewali Day

Namaste.. let's go with flavours of the South Asia, music and  culture

Surgical Cap sewing session

Lee-Anne will share her skills how to make a surgical cap... can we do it using hand stitch?

Zoom party

We need someone to host this party, chats over drinks.. 


low impact flexibility and muscle strength and endurance movements

Beauty and Skin

We need to look after our skin.. regimens and more

Q&A with celebrity

wild idea but we are waiting for Chris Hemsworth to give us a shout out.. wouldn't it be fun? kidding aside, we have Olympians and Soccer Players lined up to chat with us..

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